Fine jewelry began to attract Ulli Kampelmann's attention from her earliest
years. When she was six, she befriended Mr. Baumgart, the jeweler and
master watch-maker who had his little store up at the corner of her street.
Ulli at Mr. Baumgart's wedding
When Ulli's mother Elsa was in her teens, she got her first job working in a jewelry and watch store in Halle. She had a fascination
for the jewelry and watches that she dealt with each day and eventually passed this passion on to her daughter Ulli. Even Ulli's
father, a master metal-smith, fabricated jewelry for Ulli.

Ulli Kampelmann started creating and selling her own jewelry designs when she was twelve.

After she completed her studies in art and design, she opened her own studio in Stuttgart.
Initially, Ulli created and gained fame with her fountains. Her love of glass drove her to study various forms of modern glass art
techniques. Soon she had switched fully over to architectural glass artworks; art created on flat sheets of glass such as large
windows, entrance-ways to buildings, roof skylights and such. Her works are to find in public buildings, banks and corporate
headquarters. Click
HERE to visit Ulli Kampelmann's artworks website.
Ulli in her first studio in Stuttgart
At the event and exhibition celebrating
Ulli's large glass artworks installation in
the main Mercedes Benz showroom in
Now that Ulli Kampelmann is established in the USA, her most recent venture is a foray into timepiece design. Her customers are
upscale,independent-minded women and men looking for that something different. She produces limited editions and unique,
one-of-a-kind pieces.